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Capital District Taekwondo

The CDTT takes place Annually at the End of October.

October 25th 2020

Capital District Open1

Capital District Karate

The Capital District Open takes place Annually at the End of October .

October 27th 2019

Capital District Open1

Winter Cup

The Winter Cup takes place Annually at the End of January.

January 26th 2020



Golden Eagle Challenge

The Golden Eagle Challenge takes place Annually in September.

September 19th 2020

Click Here to visit the Golden Eagle Challenge Website,


The challenge is that each competitor must have multiple katas prepared to perform.

Every competitor will perform at least two different katas/forms and as many as five different katas/forms based on experience.

There will be medal rounds with a championship round for similar medal round winners.

Black Belt champions will compete for the Grand Championship.

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